Thirteenth collection

misty saturday

misty Saturday--

my Sunday-best dripping
in the moonlight

school holiday

school holiday--
a group of bare-footed kids
headed to the pitch

August holiday

August holiday--
peeping at their trapped ball
through a gate seam

giving up the search

giving up the search
he goes home with one slipper--
August dust

school holiday

school holiday--
with heavy bags and smiling kids
they travel upcountry

Ramadan morning

Ramadan morning--
her shadow darkens with
the rising sun

street soccer

street soccer--
a whistling spectator
interrupts the game

census in the city

census in the city--
'the goats I have' question
makes me smile

census day

census day--
enumarators mill about
in August dusk

power rationing

power rationing--
charred spots beside
the candle stick