Swahili haiku article in Wikipedia

Towards the end of 2009, Wikipedia search engine gave college students an opportunity to write and submit articles for Wikipedia Swahili version. The participants were required to write on any topic provided they did not repeat what others had already written...I wrote an article on HAIKU in Kiswahili below:

I have not included any haiku in Swahili language in that article to demonstrate on some points. I welcome any suggestions or examples of Swahili haiku. 



Anonymous said...

This is really AWESOME! I am truly impressed. You are do wonderful things and your writing has come a long way. By the time you graduate you will be well on your way to greatness. May God continue to bless you.

Mwende Cynthia

Caleb Mutua said...

Thank you dear, and i am so happy that you took you time to visit and write on my blog...very much apprecaieted.