The Secrets of Ageing

A statue of Dedan Kimathi, one of Kenya's rebel Leaders

Today as I hurriedly jostled past Kimathi Street, something grabbed my attention.

A group of people had gathered around a daily newspaper vendor. Mainstream newspapers carried pictures of the president and the prime minister on the front page. There was also a Weekly Newspaper reporting on gratuitous violence and demonstrations currently experienced in the Middle East.

However, in the middle of all these print, a small book screamed The secrets of Ageing. This got me thinking. Thinking about life and the things we hold on to dearly, either as individuals, as a family unit or as a nation.

I had now stopped and I went short of asking the vendor the price of the book when I spotted a tall and hairy light skinned tourist. He crossed the street and stood next to a big statue of Kimathi wa Waciuri, a tough Mau Mau fighter, taking photos.

These are the things we should cherish in life, I thought. These are the people that we should remember in our prayers every day; people we should miss and be proud of. I turned towards the main campus thinking that perhaps love, courage and the will to continue are the secret of ageing after all.

Caleb Mutua.

Learn more about Dedan Kimathi here


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kayte wangui said...

I can see we achieving our set targets....keep it up