57 Damn Good Haiku by a Bunch of Our Friends

 Front cover of the book courtesy of With Words
With Words hopes to launch 57 Damn Good Haiku this year, after the book was launched in Haiku Northwest's Seabeck Haiku Getaway in US.

This newly published haiku anthology brings together 12 poets living in Japan, Africa, North America and Europe. They include Karen Hoy, Alison Williams, Timothy Collins, Tanya McDonald, Keiko Iwaza, Caleb Mutua, among others.

"The motivation behind the anthology was to showcase our friends who write good haiku," explains Alan Summers, the founder of With Words and one of the editors in the anthology. "We wanted to be honest and upfront and state that we were publishing friends."

The 'tongue-in-cheek' humorous title for the anthology made it easy for both editors to select haiku poets they admired, including their family members. 

Japanese Poet Keiko Izawa is one of the contributors of the book. She learnt to write English-language haiku by studying With Words website many years ago and she has since gone on to be published by Red Moon Press and various respected journals.

The book is yet to reach UK and Kenya but potential buyers outside the United States can make inquiries by emailing editor Michael Dylan at WelchM@aol.com.

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