The Fourth Collection

leaking roof

leaking roof--
watching the drops widen in
the collecting basin

short rain

short rain--
she steps in the puddle
to soften the mud

between sacks

between sacks--
she packs the sweet potatoes
into small bags

boiling tea

boiling tea--
the yellow flesh of sweet
potato chocks me

a chill of

a chill of
mud between my toes--
a stuck slipper


the stagnant water on the
tarmac disappears

thirsty quarry man

thirsty quarry man--
using his t-shirt to filter
the dusty water

dusty air

dusty air--
the white-haired quarry man
sighs with relief

scorched horizon

scorched horizon--
cows trot down the
river bed

march drizzle

march drizzle--
the faint marks of
hop scotch

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