The Third Collection

 hot afternoon

hot afternoon--
lively piglets frisk in the
muddy water

windy valentine

windy valentine--
the pink frisbee flies the
wrong direction

lunch time

lunch time--
a peeled sweet potato
in his mouth

ash wednesday

ash wednesday--
she catches me staring at
her crossed face

march morning

march morning--
cold air stirs the bright
window curtains

short rain

short rain--
shaking her tousled hair
with a frown

june mist

june mist--
blowing steam-like breath
becomes a game

rooftop garden

rooftop garden--
he waters his collardgreens
planted in sacks

going to school

going to school--
a peeled mango in the
boys lunch box

jully morning

jully morning--
the market path fringed
with mangoes

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martin said...

I enjoyed this collection.