The Eleventh Collection

long day

long day--
dozing workers in a
noisy matatu

two for two

two for two--
the white little flowers of
dawny jasmine

July cold

July cold--
handkerchief hawkers at
very market gate

cold morning

cold morning--
two gardeners chat pruning
the pink splendens

a subdued class

a subdued class--
I feel uneasy to blow
my nose

late night chores

late night chores--
another light in the next
flat goes off

cold July night

cold July night--
my brother sipping tea
under the blanket

July night

July night--
the sound of sprinklers on the
deserted school lawns

water shortage

water shortage--
the jerrycan's slow move towards
the dripping tap

windy August night

windy August night--
wet shoes on the mabati
roof rumbles

*Mabati is a Swahili word for Iron Sheets which are mostly used in the construction of houses in Kenya, especially in the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital city.

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